After School Program

2022 After School Program

Designed to give junior golfers an understanding of the core fundamentals of golf such as holding the club, alignment, posture, stance, short game and full-swing skills.
Four (4) 60-minute classes will cover the basics needed to play golf.

Fall – 60 minutes
4 session class - $99 per junior
Ages 8-14
Geared toward beginner golfers

Program Includes:

  • Golf instruction
  • Unlimited practice balls during class sessions
  • Equipment usage during class sessions

Cost: $99/student (per four class session)

Class Ratio: 6:1


Spring dates will be announced the first week of March 2022.

Junior After School - All classes will be from 4 pm to 5 pm


You will be redirected to a secure MSU site for registration and payment. Your credit card statement will show a charge for MSU. You may also pay by ACH (checking account).

You will receive a confirmation of payment and registration in 5-7 business days