Faculty Staff and Alumni League Guidelines



The MSU Faculty/Staff Golf League season will begin on Saturday April 5, 2014, with open play on Forest Akers West.


1.    ELIGIBILITY – If you or your spouse is eligible for an MSU faculty/staff ID card or you are an alumnus of MSU, you are eligible to join the league.

3.    LEAGUE DUES - Still just $20 for the year!

4.    REGISTRATION - Send in the enclosed registration form with your check for $20 ASAP (follow instructions on the form).

5.    TOURNAMENT FEES – $5 per event – pay as you play. It's helpful if you can bring the exact amount.  Winnings will be entered in the computer and distributed as a gift certificate for Akers clubhouse merchandise at season's end. 

6.    TOURNAMENT SIGN-UP – The weekly sign-up deadline is 5 p.m. Wednesday for the Event that weekend. Sign up online at www.golf.msu.edu/leagues or at the Forest Akers West Clubhouse in the Faculty, Staff and Alumni binder located at the Handicap Computer.

7.    TOURNAMENT SCHEDULE – See attached Tournament Schedule.

8.    WEEKLY EVENT COORDINATORS: We are asking everyone who is a regular player (who plays six events or more per season) to be a Weekly Event Coordinator for at least one event. To facilitate this process we are asking you to complete the Event Coordinator Sign up Section of the Registration Form. If you do not complete this portion of the form, and you are considered a regular player, you will be assigned a coordinator date by the Board. This worked very well last year.



  1. Event, day, start time and course: See Tournament Schedule
  1. We have one member-guest events planned for this season on Saturday July 5th.
  1. The annual MSU Vs U-M Faculty Staff League Match will be on Tuesday June 24 at Radrick Farms at 8:00 a.m.   We will go off #1 and #10 tees with consecutive tee times
  1. We will continue the season long Match Play event. The Match Play will begin as an Event on Saturday May 24th. Sign up for it at the clubhouse and Bill Falls will coordinate.
  1. SPEED OF PLAY:   Speed of play continues to be a priority in 2014. We encourage everyone to play "ready golf."  (Link is attached in email.)  In addition, we propose adopting the "line of flight" rule for lost shots, drives or otherwise.  Under strict USGA rules, you have five minutes to look for your ball, after which you have to go back to the previous spot and re-hit.  "Line of Flight" allows you to drop a ball along the line of flight and take one stroke penalty.  Other golf leagues that have adopted this rule say it has really helped speed up the game.  We'd like to hear your feedback on this.  Please reply to the email with your opinion.
  1. NEW MEMBER RECRUITMENT – New for 2014, Forest Akers Is sponsoring a new member recruitment drive to help the league grow so that it can thrive for many years. Please see attachment for all the details and start spreading the word about the Faculty, Staff and Alumni League!
  1. Weekly Tournament-Event Coordinator Duties. The Weekly tournament-event coordinator signs in players at the given event, and collects $5 from each player for the event fee. The coordinator needs to be in the Pro Shop 20 minutes ahead of the first tee time (30 minutes ahead for shotgun starts). The tournament-event coordinator will be placed in the last foursome. All continuing league members who play an average of 6 or more events a season are expected to serve as a tournament-event coordinator for one event each season. Please complete the tournament event sign-up sheet at the bottom of the 2014 registration form. If you do not complete the form, the board will have the option to assign you to a date. Once you are assigned to a date, it is your responsibility to obtain a replacement should you be unable to make your schedule coordinator date. You will be notified of your assigned date via email; a list of coordinators by date will also be available in the west pro shop.
  1. Guests who are not league members may only play on the member-guest weekends. Please do not pressure the Tournament Event Coordinator to allow a guest to play at a regular tournament event. There is a one-time exception for faculty/staff affiliated guests who might be interested in joining the league (see above). There is also the new alumni sponsored category.


Benefits of membership talking points:

1.    Low League Annual Dues of $20.

2.    Play as many or as few weekends as you want; no season long obligation to play every event or find a substitute.

3.    Opportunity to BEAT MICHIGAN at the annual inter-league event!

4.    Cool events like the season long Match Play tournament and prizes at the President’s Outing!

5.    You meet lots of friendly, fun and nice people affiliated with MSU