Golf "Fore" Families

Golf "Fore" Families is a new and exciting program that will allow families of up to six (6) people learn the game together. Alex Lorencz, PGA Professional will help all family members develop and understand the skills needed to enjoy the game. Golf "Fore" Families is a four-lesson package available with the ability to schedule class dates/times at your convienence. There are two levels of this program to choose from that best fits your families budget and needs.

Family Member Breakdown
One or two parents/guardians and up to four children under the age of 17. 

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Golf "Fore" Families - Level 1
Instructor will contact family to schedule each lesson

Cost: $269 (Family Size of 6 or less)
Lesson 1 (60 Min) - Game Overview, Etiquette, Purpose of Each Club, Putting Mechanics, Games, & Fun
Lesson 2 (75 Min) - Chipping, Pitching, & Bunker Play Mechanics, Games, & Fun
Lesson 3 (75 Min) - Full Swing Mechanics
Lesson 4 (90 Min) - Three-hole on course playing lesson

Gift package includes:

  • One $25 range card per student
  • One Forest Akers East Course round per student
  • One short game pass per student